English Nursery final eligibility rules

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The following is a reminder of our rules.

These have been in place since 2016 and I have attached a screenshot of a previous post to clarify this.

*Handlers can run two dogs in the Nursery Final.
*Each society is to choose how the handlers are selected to run/qualify.
*Each dog is to be under 3yrs old on the 1st January of the year of the final.
*The dog must be a Nursery dog within its own society for the current season.
*Dogs can only run in one Nursery Final.
*A handler can only run a dog in one Nursery Final (I.e. for those of you that can run in the welsh finals)
*Complaints of any part of the running or organising of the English Nursery Final should be through the area committee. We will not reply to complaints from individuals.


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